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Branding, website design, illustration and typography


Photo taken at Tokyo Design Week in 2012

Photo taken at Tokyo Design Week in 2012

Who is Hailey Skye

Hailey Skye is a communication designer who was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Hailey Skye comes from a family of creatives who taught her to be resourceful and follow through with projects. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors or watching comedy shows. 

Hailey Skye believes in working hard to make both herself and the client proud of her work. When she most enjoy design is when she is able to design away from the computer screen. Hailey Skye thrives when she can use her hands to physically make something, whether it is an image or typography. Showing evidence of the human hand is a beautiful tactic in the current digital world and is refreshing for both makers and viewers.

If you would like to hire or collaborate with Hailey Skye, you should email her at haileyskyed@gmail.com