Hailey Skye Dehler | Creative Design Portfolio
Branding, website design, illustration and typography

Bellingham Advanced Medical Imaging

Staying healthy is not an easy task, but with the power of “yes”, Bellingham Advanced Medical Imaging is reworking how healthcare can be accessible to their patients. Accompanying their new optimistic tagline; “Welcome to yes”, we developed a fresh and approachable brand that was far from the clinical standards. From a fleet of logos developed by the creative team, the client chose to move forward with the abstract and light hearted mark I presented. With this decision I spearheaded the development of their new brand standards, website, marketing materials and swag to display this fresh look. Being able to fully flush out a new brand is one of the most satisfying projects for me as a designer and is something that I can hardly call work.

Agency: R\West

Creative Director: Elizabeth Marrow-McKenzie